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Stubbington Residential 2017


We had a bit of a scare this morning, as we lined up for breakfast in the rain! However, it quickly passed and we all took off our coats, as the sunshine soon broke through.

First of all, we checked whether any guests had moved into our Small Mammal Hotels. We were lucky enough to have attracted three mice and amazingly, one vole! We learnt about small mammals and the different ways we can classify them. 

After lunch, we had a treasure hunt around the centre, running around trying to find the answers to clues, to find the treasure. We also went pond-dipping and to our surprise, we found a variety of pond life, including a waterboatman, a sea snail, a leech and even a newt! 

Tonight, we took part in the S Factor. Mr Scarborough was firm but fair with his marks and in the end, Miss Hughes was proud, as her team (The Owls) took the prize!

We have one more sleep before we return to reality! 







It's been a windier and colder day here today but still no rain (I am touching wood!) and just as enjoyable.

After a morning of Earthquake for UBH and the Eggtreme Challenge for UHC, we spent the afternoon in the conservation area, building mammal hotels and also looking for tracks and signs.  

Tomorrow, we will be opening the mammal hotels to see if any mice have chosen our hotel for the night...

This evening, we have had the most fun tracking down some pirates in a wide game with the other school!  Different 'pirates' (aka Mr Cleveland, Miss Hughes, Mrs Oyet and Miss Wilson) hid around the Stubbington grounds and had to be tracked down by the teams of children.  We're waiting to see which team have worked together to discover the name of the pirate who stole the treasure... shiver mi timbers!

Tonight, once we've showered, we're off to the hide to see what animals we can see... fingers crossed for some badgers!  We'll let you know tomorrow.


The Hide....

We saw badgers!!!!!!! And foxes!!!!! Yay!!!!




Tuesday Evening

Sadly, Miss Chapman has returned home this evening due to a nasty cold but fear not, Mrs Sangway is staying for the week instead!  Fingers crossed for the technology skills and keeping up with the photos and blog!!

It's certainly been a busy day today - Miss Chapman's class survived an Earthquake and Miss Hughes' class had an 'egg'cellent time!  The team work skills during Earthquake were brilliant, and added to that, some of the children did so well at conquering their fears.  They scaled walls, climbed over and under and there was even the chance to leap across some 'lava', with only a few wet feet!  

This afternoon, we enjoyed a trip down to the beach to look for fossils and shark's teeth, build rock pools and enjoy a sandcastle competition.  Amazingly, the sun shone and it was a beautiful afternoon!  Again, the teamwork was impressive!

The different houses are busy practising for the song contest on Thursday evening - I won't say that they are the most tuneful bunch, but there are some who are clearly enjoying the challenge!

After a shower and some games in the 'Great Chamber' this evening, the children are now tucked up in bed for the night.  Fingers crossed for some sweet dreams!



It is Tuesday morning and the children have had breakfast and just successfully passed their first room inspections! UBH are now off to take part in 'Eggstreme Challenge', whilst UHC will be taking part in 'Earthquake'! The two groups will then swap tomorrow.

I currently only have my school iPad with me, so am therefore updating some photos of UHC from yesterday. I promise, however, to borrow Miss Hughes' iPad later today, in order to upload some of UBH! Miss C.

All of the children are still thoroughly enjoying themselves... My favourite quote so far today has been from Nikola, who said:

"I just LOVE Stubby because you are laughing ALL the time!"





After a few weeks of excitement at school and getting ready, we finally arrived at Stubbington. Hurray!

We arrived at the centre, met the staff and discovered our room mates. Having unpacked, it was time to explore! The grounds are big and full of places to visit, things to see and things to do.

Today's activities were about teamwork: chain gangs and shelters. The teachers delighted in testing our shelters to see how waterproof they were (or weren't!!) The children worked well as part of a team and proved themselves to be excellent problem solvers.

All of the children have learnt very quickly today that they are not likely to go hungry at Stubby! There has been plenty of food to keep us all going and they are certainly very tired after an afternoon of activities. All of the children are thoroughly enjoying themselves, and have commented on how much there is for them to do.

Tomorrow, we're off to the beach in the afternoon, after a morning of some exciting challenges...! Photos to follow....