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What's your Toy's Story?

Article 31, UNCRC:  ‘All children have the right to relax and play and to join in a wide range of activities.’


After watching Harvey and the Rabbit, the children discuss how they would feel if their toy was thrown away. They will use their speaking and listening skills to share with their friends why their toy is so special. Through discussing the adventures, they have been on and the memories they have made, they will develop a realisation of why having a special toy can be so important. We will be looking at Article 31 from the UNCRC and how this can be different around the country or world.

Through the books by Jane Hissey, the children will be introduced to the characters Old Bear and Little Bear. They will describe them and write an adventure story with one of them as the central character.

By using extracts from the visual text of the Toy Story film, children will further their understanding of diversity and how everyone contributes to a team. They will look at the conflicts that occur in the toy box and relate these to how they too can solve conflict issues. In looking at the character of Sid and his toys, they will understand the importance of respecting their belongings and items, as well as those that belong to others. This will develop an understanding of Article 15, that we have a right to belong to a group, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

Investigating forces will broaden their understanding of how toys work and the children will incorporate these ideas into their own Toy Story adventure story.


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How to be cool in junior school


The children explored the Manor Field environment through a variety of investigative activities. They demonstrated curiosity in discovering aspects about life at Manor Field and were able to solve questions that they had regarding life at junior school. There was lots of opportunities for discussion and exploration through Circle Time activities, to develop their understanding of the Manor Field attributes and school agreement. In their written work, the children had the opportunity to write about various aspects of school life. By interviewing different people, the children developed their understanding of how they are safe at school. The children now understand the importance of Article 28 and through this have become principled learners.  

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