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Spring 2: 'Coming at ya, Cleopatra: Ancient Girl Power!'

This half-term, Year 6 will become historians, researching how Ancient Civilisations have impacted on the way that we live our lives today. We are lucky enough to be beginning our project with a trip to the British Museum in London, where we will explore the worlds of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

From this, we will discuss and debate how females - both from the past and modern day - have been depicted as positive and negative role models. Towards the end of the half-term, we will study the harrowing and inspiring story of Rose Blanche.

What legacies have female role models left behind? What would our own legacy be?

PDF icon Spring 2 Project Overview

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Spring 1: Shaken, Not Stirred!

Last half-term, our topic was called: 'Shaken, Not Stirred!'

Throughout our project, we took on the role of curious scientists, as we became experts in the past, present and future of cars and forces, in preparation for our Year 6 Science Fair.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to research, design and construct our own working cars, using our knowledge of forces and electrical circuits - and supported by our enrichment opportunity at Beaulieu Car and Motor Museum.  Across the half-term, and alongside writing our own 'spy' narratives, we wrote explanation texts to showcase our scientific understanding.

We discussed: Is it always 'ok' to be curious?

PDF icon  Spring 1 Topic Overview

PDF icon  Spring 1 Topic Rationale

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