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 Autumn 1 - Matilda – A right to an education?

Through the story of Matilda, children will explore the right to an education through a variety of investigative activities, e.g. exploring education around the world and the new ‘normal’ of education. They will look back on the previous year, during which many of them have not been able to attend school for periods of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As classes, they will reflect on their experiences of lockdown and how their education has changed. They will compare the ‘new normal’ of school with their experiences prior to school closing and with bubbles in the last academic year.

They will demonstrate curiosity in discovering aspects about life at Manor Field and be able to solve questions and any anxieties that they have regarding life at junior school. As they develop more knowledge about school, the people who help them and how they help them, they will develop strategies that they can use to be resilient in their own learning.

Through this work, they will recognise a way that they are special. There will be lots of opportunities for discussion and exploration through Thrive activities, to develop their understanding of the Manor Field attributes and school agreement.

In their written work, the children will have the opportunity to write about various aspects of school life and compare these to Matilda’s experiences. Matilda maintains her love of learning despite everything that she is experiencing around her. By interviewing different people, the children will develop their understanding of a rights respecting education. The children will understand the importance of Articles 19 and 28 and through this will become principled learners. The main aim of this topic is for children to confidently and successfully transition from infant to junior school and begin to understand the importance of the UNCRC.

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