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Summer 2:

Adventure is Out There!

In their final half-term at Manor Field, the children will be celebrating their incredible achievements during their Manor Field adventure.

To begin the half-term, we will work as scientists; we will revise how our respiratory system works and will explore how smoking can affect our bodies. In teams, we will write an explanation text, before designing persuasive posters for our future selves.

Afterwards, inspired by the characters in Disney Pixar's 'Up', we will discuss what makes a positive relationship, in preparation for transitioning to Secondary School. We will complete and share narrative pieces of writing, as well as writing from the viewpoint of the characters. Finally, we will write postcards to our Year 11 selves... where do we want our next adventure to take us?

To end their Year 6 journey, all of the children will take part in our production:

Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies!

Summer 2 Project Overview

Summer 2 Project Rationale


Summer 1:

Travel Peru!

Last half-term, we took on the role of 'Geographers', as we explored the similarities and differences between the UK and Peru. As tour guides, we researched, and presented our understanding of, both the physical and human features of Peru, before choosing a tourist attraction to investigate in more detail. At the end of the project, we presented our findings to our Year 5 audience, google presentations, which we created and edited ourselves.

In our English sessions, we spent the first few weeks delving into 'Northern Lights', by Philip Pullman. Inspired by his use of language in order to build and develop characterisation, and supported by the series 'His Dark Materials', we discussed the multi-faceted characters, and whether first impressions are always reliable...

Summer 1 Project Overview

Summer 1 Project Rationale

Peru Knowledge Organiser

Art: Leonid Afremov Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1 Home Learning



Spring 2:

Ancient Civilisations!


During Spring 2, we were historians!

For the first two weeks, we completed a creative story-writing unit, where we were given the opportunity to use our imaginations, whilst considering what makes a 'good' story to 'hook' our reader. During our maths lessons, we revised and consolidated our knowledge and understanding of number and place value.

In our History sessions, started by researching what life was like for the Mayas. In what period of time did they exist? How did they communicate? Who, or what, did they believe in and what did they think happened in the afterlife? 

Back in school, we explored what life was like for the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. We made comparisons between each of the ancient periods and evaluated the theme of 'belief' throughout. In particular, we enjoyed writing our own Greek Myths - and learning about the Egyptian process of mummification!


Spring 1

A Matter of Curiosity...!

For the first few weeks of the half-term, we read and unpicked some of the key themes in the picture book 'Rose Blanche', by Roberto Innocenti. After this, supported by the book 'Until I met Dudley', we were curious scientists, as we explored how and why things work in the way that they do! In particular, we enjoyed writing our explanation texts linked to how water rockets worked - before and after we met Dudley!

Year 6 Remote Learning:

Each day, you will be given an English, maths and foundation activity to complete. Please do complete them to the best of your ability and produce work that you can be proud of. and TTRockstars logins are in your reading logs - and please keep reading!

At home, reading, spelling and timestables should be completed DAILY. Grammar should be completed at least 3x each week.

Remember that, most importantly, you need to look after you. We are all very proud of how hard you have worked this year and we know that you will continue to be amazing.

For a timetable to help you to structure your day, click here.


Autumn 2:

Ambassadors for Change.

During the half-term, our key concept was respect; we explored what it means to truly value and respect our environment and the world that we live in, as well as those who live within it. Linked to our Thrive target, we considered the importance of making principled decisions, understanding the difference between right and wrong.

To begin our project, we read 'The Island', by Armin Greder:

Washed up on an island, terrified and alone, a man is subjected to discrimination and abuse from the island residents, who believe that he cannot possibly belong. Can we encourage the islanders to change their ways and respect their visitor?

Later in the half-term, inspired by the work of Sir David Attenborough, we learnt about how our world has changed over time; we explored the current challenges and the dangers that future generations face if we - as humans - do not change our ways. The children shared their aspirations for a better world and, at the end of term, we wrote powerful speeches, which we have sent off to David Attenborough himself.

Autumn 2 Project Overview

Autumn 2 Project Rationale

Autumn 2 Key Questions


Year 6

Autumn 1: The Glarings...!

Our key concept during Autumn 1 was 'belonging':

We explored the importance of belonging, both to Manor Field and to our wider community, as well as having our own identity. 

During Autumn 1, we were inspired by the book 'Varjak Paw', by SF Said. Following the theme of belonging, we explored how Varjak was treated by his family, as he struggled to 'fit in'. We unpicked the key characters in the text, evaluating how negative choices can impact those around us. As principled and resilient Manor Field learners, we discussed and debated whether Varjak should risk his life for a family who had left him feeling 'different' and isolated...

Additionally, during the week of the 28th September, we enjoyed our own 'Stubby experience' at school. Most of our learning during the week took place outdoors, where we took part in a variety of fun, but educational, team-building and problem solving activities. On Friday 9th October, we were lucky enough to be joined by two members of the Stubbington staff, who lead a full day of Stubby-inspired activities!

Autumn 1 Project Overview

Autumn 1 Rationale

Autumn 1 Key Questions


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